Course fees

Registration is now open. Closes on 12 May 2013

Fees are as follows:
STU (Junior researchers)
Graduate students, Postdocs
800 Euros + 21% VAT = 968 Euros
ACA (Academic/non profit)
Researchers from academic and/or non profit institutions
1000 Euros + 21% VAT = 1210 Euros
COM (Commercial)
researchers from for-profit companies
1700 Euros + 21% VAT = 2057 Euros

The course fees include participation in the lectures, the computer tutorials and all other course events: coffee breaks, social program and dinner, lab handouts (distributed on-site during the course).

A total of 60 participants will be admitted to the course.

Should I pay VAT?

Yes! Due to italian regulation (DPR 663/72 art.7) and EU fiscal regulations, the total cost for the participant attending this course has to include VAT (IVA in italian) of 21% as the course is held in Italy. This rule applies to all "entities": profit and non-profit companies and or institutions and citizens even when special fiscal treatments exist in the original country of the "entity". If you think you should not pay VAT, then we regret we cannot accept your registration to the course.

How to register

Please send a registration request by e-mail to stefano.iacus at specifying in the subject CSAMA 2013 registration (you may just click on the previous e-mail address). In the body of your mail please specify to which category STU, ACA or COM you are applying. Please, also include your first and last name and email address. If you want to register more than one participant, please include the same information for each participant. You'll receive a confirmation mail with an invoice for the amount to pay.

An example of reasonable mail is as follows

Dear Stefano,
I would like to attend CSAMA 2013. Here are my data

Last Name: Gauss
First Name: Carl Friedrich
Cat: STU
Organization: Something, Somewhere
Email: gauss@prob.elysium.stat
VAT number: XYZ888ABC

READ ME, please!

We cannot give you back the money you sent for any reason! So please, DO NOT MAKE ANY PAYMENT until you receive an invoice.