About the Course

This one-week intensive course teaches current approaches in the statistical and computational analysis of large-scale experiments in biology. The course focus on the methods for downstream analysis of high-throughput sequencing experiments, including DNA sequencing (variant calling), RNA sequencing (differential expression), QTL analysis, epigenetics. Lectures also cover essentials including statistical testing, machine learning, visualisation and bioinformatic metadata integration. The course is intended for researchers who have a basic familiarity with the experimental technologies and the biology of the genome. The four practical sessions of the course will require simple programming in the language R; introductory and advanced language tutorials will be provided.


  • Introduction to R and Bioconductor
  • Elements of statistics: hypothesis testing, machine learning, visualisation
  • Statistics for differential expression
  • Computing with sequences and genomic intervals
  • RNA-Seq data analysis
  • DNA Variant calling
  • Aspects of epigenetics
  • Annotation of genes, genomic features and variants
  • Gene set enrichment analysis

Course Structure

The course consists of
  • morning lectures: 20 x 45 minutes: Monday to Friday 8:30am - 12:00am
  • 4 practical computer tutorials in the afternoons (2pm - 5pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday
  • 4 flashlight sessions (5pm to 5:30pm) on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday

Course Program

Click here to view the agenda or download the agenda

The course material will be available in electronic form during the course.

Computer Tutorials

The labs will be worked on in groups with expert guidance (all lecturers from the morning sessions plus teaching assistants).

Participants are required to bring their own laptops with the most recent release versions of R and Bioconductor installed. A WiFi network card is welcome to connect to our local network - however, no connections to the internet will be possible from the WLAN at the course venue.

Flashlight Sessions

In these sessions, course participants will present their current research projects and can receive feedback from other participants and faculty members. Each session has 4 talks of duration 4 min + 2 min discussion each. A total of 16 flashlight presentations will be possible. Selection will be made by the faculty of the course in advance. Please send Wolfgang Huber a "less or equal than" 4 pages PDF file with your slides before 20 June 2013, 17.00h.

Social Program

A social activity starts around 2pm on Wednesday and ends in the evening. It will include some mountain walking.

No Internet Access

Please note: the course venue will not be able to provide you with internet access. You will be able to connect to a local network that provides the course material.