Course fees

The maximum number of (full benefit) participants is 60 for the morning lectures and computer tutorials. We also have 40 places as auditors, i.e. participant who can only attend the morning lectures. The participants are divided in quotes as follows:

Free places left
over total places
FeesFees include
STU (Students)
graduate, PHD, PostDoc
0 over 25
650 EurosParticipation to lectures and computer tutorials
ACA (Academic/non profit)
researchers from academic and/or non profit institutions
0 over 23
850 EurosParticipation to lectures and computer tutorials
COM (Commercial)
researchers from private companies
3 over 121500 EurosParticipation to lectures and computer tutorials
AUD (Auditors) 32 over 40400 EurosParticipation to lectures only and no free copy of the book (see below)

Course fees include: coffee breaks, social dinner, social program and (with the exclusion of auditors AUD) a free copy of the book Bioinformatics and Computational Biology Solutions Using R and Bioconductor.

How to register

Registration are now closed.

Please send a registration request by e-mail to stefano.iacus @ specifying in the subject microarray 2006 register (or just click on the previous e-mail address) and in the body if you belong to category STU, ACA, COM or AUD. You'll receive a confirmation mail with an invoice for the amount to pay.

Please, note also that your registration will be not completed until you have paid the fees. When you have paid the fees (see below) please send us a copy of the receipt via Fax at:+39 02 50321 505 (or +39 02 50321 450) specifying "to the attention of Stefano M. Iacus". Please note: do not remove the "0" between +"39" and "2" or it won't work!

READ ME, please!

We cannot give you back the money you sent for any reason! So please, don't send any money until we have accepted your participation.

Once you paid the fees

Once you paid the fees you are kindly requested to fill up the registration form.

How to pay the fees