Target of the Course

This 5 day lecture series provides an introduction to genomic data and their interpretation. The main focus will be on microarray experiments, covering statistical topics such as normalization, quality assessment, gene identification, machine learning and inference for graphs and networks. Applications of these methods to proteomics and other high throughput technologies will also be covered. Computer laboratory material will be available for self-study.

Participants should have some minimal background on biological, statistical and computational aspects of microarrays, or other high-throughput data.

Participants interested in hands-on, interactive activities should consider signing up for the lecture and laboratory series (space is very limited). These require a basic knowledge of the R or S language.

The Focus of the Course

The focus will be on analysing and interpreting genomic data and particularly microarray data. Other topics such as proteomics, array CGH etc. may also be covered, depending on participant interest. Among the statistical topics: visualization, machine learning and exploratory analyses will be emphasized. Methods for quality assessment, for making use of biological metadata in a structured way, and for working with graphs and networks (such as metabolic pathways) will be demonstrated. Some discussion of methods for combining data, primarily via meta-analysis will also be presented.

Course Skeleton

The course consists of 10 morning lectures, 4 per day (8:30 - 12:00), distributed on 5 days (Monday to Friday). Detailed case studies, suitable for self-study will be made available daily.

Laboratory Component

We don't have computing facilities but laboratory sessions will be organized. Participants, up to 30 people, willing to attend the laboratory sessions are asked to bring their laptops (for details see below). The labs will be worked on in groups with expert guidance (all the lecturers from the morning sessions and teaching assistants).

Participants could decide to attend morning lectures only (up to 100 participants) or both morning lectures and laboratory sessions (up to 30 participants).

Further details

Preliminary program of lectures

Details on laboratory sessions


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How to register

If you want to register to this course, please go to the course fees and registration page.