Abstract submission for presentation to Bressanone

In order to collect and select presentations for the Bressanone course on Microarray analysis we have prepared this form.

Please, fill this form once and take care that this page will not be available after May-23-2004 (deadline). Only abstracts from registered people will be considered.

What kind of work to present?

You can send abstract of unfinished works, not published papers. The idea is to raise questions rather than give answers, to discuss open problems related to your data and share with other participants your preliminary results.

Please use only plain text when filling the form and try to be more explicit/informative as you can.
In the meanwhile you can prepare a 10 minutes presentation (pdf slides). Even if not selected for presentation during the course (because of time scheduling, for example) your abstract and pdf slides will be distributed to other participants.

In addition to this, you can bring drafts of your papers or unfinished works, related published paper you want other participants to be aware of, and we will make all of this available to all the participants (we can make photocopies, burn cd's etc). You are responsible of copyright issues on data and papers, so it's up to you to decide what to share with other participants.

This form will also be used to setup a data base with your data, so please take few seconds to fill every item. Red fields must be filled.

Personal informations and affiliations

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Your data set

Please describe your data in a detailed way, i.e. data format, type of experiment, replications, etc. Anything that can be useful.
Description of your data (10000 chars max):

Informations for social events

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