How to arrive to Bressanone - Brixen

Bressanone (or Brixen) is in the bilingual province of Bolzano (Bozen) and is 500 meters high.


We would be pleased to welcome you on Sunday 6th around 6:30pm for a welcome buffet at the main main site (1).
The main idea of this pre-course meeting is intended to meet each other in an informal environment, but you can also consider this as a course registration where we will give you all the material of the course including the receipt of your payment.

Please note: there would be enough to satisfy your hunger and thirst but we can surely have a beer together or by small groups after our informal meeting.

Conference sites

The following map is a very reduced one. You can have a big one in PDF format, or you can browse an interactive one here from the Tourist Office in Bressanone.

(1) Casa della Gioventù - main course site

Casa della Gioventù is the place where morning lectures will take place, but it is also the place of the Welcome Buffet.
It is a building of the University of Padova, located in Via Rio Bianco 6, 5 minutes from the town center.

(2) Scienze della formazione - computer labs site

This is the place where afternoon labs will take place. It is in one of the laboratories of the faculty of Scienze della formazione. You'll be informed which. The address is Via Dante 4. Also 5 minutes from the town center and 10 from the morning lectures site.

(3) Hotel Albero Verde (Gruener Baum)

It's the hotel were the organizers, the lectures and some of the participants will be lodged. Just wait for few days and we will give you full details how to make your own reservations, you'll have more convenient solutions of accomodation this way.

(4) The railway station

Well, it's usually where train stop and leave.

Last update March, 28 2004