The course officially opens on Monday May 26th at 8:30 in Aula di Scienze at the main University building (site C in the map below). Once you reach the University in Via Festa del Perdono 7, follow the instructions inside.
The organizer will wait for you from 8:30 and give you all the materials needed for the course. Please be on time as the course will start at 9:00.
PhD students with fellowship are expected to arrive on May 25th directly to site B (see map below) and leave on May 31st.

See a detailed map

Sites of the course

A : Department of Economics, Via Mercalli 23, site of the laboratory sessions (afternoon)
B : Reserved residence for people with fellowships, Via S. Sofia 9
C : Site of the methodology sessions (morning), Via Festa del Perdono 7
How to reach: the best way to reach sites A and B is by walk from the underground stops: MM3 "Crocetta" or MM3 "Missori" (see underground map or download the hires pdf map). You can also take the bus line 94 from Cadorna Railway Station or tramway lines 24 and 4. In any case you are no more than 10 minutes walk from Dome (Duomo).
Tickets: public transportation in Milan allows for a 75 minutes ticket or for a daily ticket. With such tickets you'll be able to take and change transportation means: bus, tram or underground.
Transportations: you can check the web site of ATM the public transportation service in Milan

From the airport to Milan and to the course site

There are two major airport in Milan: MALPENSA and LINATE.


If you land at Malpensa airport you have three possibilities to reach Milan. 1) the taxi which is rather expensive; 2) the shuttle bus which drives you at Centrale Railway Station; 3) the Malpensa Express (train) which brings you to Cadorna Railway Station.
If you take 2) you'll arrive at Centrale Railway Station. There you can take the undergound, line 3 (MM3) direction "S.DONATO" and get off at "MISSORI" (best) or "CROCETTA".
if you take 3) you'll arrive at Cadorna Railway Station. Exit the station, and with the station to behind you go left. You will see line 94 waiting for you (it is the head of the line). Take it and get off at "VIA SANTA SOFIA" (ask the conductor).


If you land in Linate you have two possibilities: 1) the taxi and 2) the line bus 73 which brings you in the center of the town near Duomo.
If you take 2) you can get off at "Largo Augusto" and take bus line 94 towards "F.N. CADORNA" Railway Station. Get off at "VIA SANTA SOFIA" (ask the conductor).

From "Milano Centrale" Railway Station to the course site

Several possibilties are available. The simplest is to enter the underground, take line 3 direction "S.DONATO" and get off at "MISSORI" or "CROCETTA".

From the highway to the course site

We suggest you not to come by car. If this is your mean of transportation, as you reach Milan from the highway, enter in Milan from any direction and try to reach the "center" of the city, follow direction "CENTRO". Once there, buy a city map and cross your fingers!


There are several room that can be reserved by signaling the MicroArray course. But we also give you a selection of hotels of different category that allow you to reach the course site easily by underground or walk. Apart from these selected hotels we cannot gauranteee about the prices so you have to verify prices and conditions.

Finally, you can use any hotel book service system. We put a list below, but take care to ask if the hotel is near a underground stop (any line).

Selected hotels

When you contact each of this selected hotels you should mention our course (MICROARRAY) and possibly UNIVERSITY OF MILAN and the name of the organizer "IACUS" in order to have the prices listed.

Hotel Palazzo delle Stelline (***)
Prices include breakfast
Single room: 80.00 Euro
Double room: 118.00 Euro
Corso Magenta, 61
Ph.: +39 02 4818431
Fax: +39 02 48519097
I-20123 Milano
Notes: in the very center of the city near the S. Ambrogio. Frequent tramway to reach all sites of the course (see map above).

Hotel Rio (***)
Single room: 60 Euro
Double room: 120 Euro
Via Mazzini, 8
I-20123 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 874114
Fax: +39 02 865689
Notes: in the very center of the city near the Dome (Duomo) of Milan and 10 minutes walk from sites C (see map above).

Hotel Napoli (**)
Prices include breaksfast
Single room: 70.00 Euro
Double room: 100.00 Euro
Via Tivoli 4
20121 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 86460100
Fax: +39 02 861170
Notes: near Castello Sforzesco and Brera, the famous and characteristic "old Milan" of painters and artists. Easy to to reach sites A and C. Reservation possible starting from early february 2003.

Hotel ABC (*)
Prices includes breakfast, tv and phone in each room. Bathroom (WC) is inside the room for the double room (95.00 Euro) otherwise is outsid.
(6) Double room (WC): 95.00 Euro
(5) Double room: 85.00
(7) Single room: 45.00
Via Molino delle Armi 12
I-20123 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 867501
Fax: +39 02 86452906
Notes: 6 double rooms with bath, reservation possible starting from mid february 2003. Two minutes walk from site A (see map above).

Other hotels (but not the only ones) in Milan. Prices and conditions to verify.

Hotel Venini (***)
Single room: 65.00
Double room: 93.00
Via Venini, 72
I-20127 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 26145294
Fax: +39 02 26148614
Location: near the Central Railway Station and the underground.

Hotel Bernina (***)
Single room: 70.00 Euro
Double room: 110.00 Euro
Via Napo Torriani, 27
I-24100 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 66988022
Fax: +39 02 6702964

Hotel Nazioni (***)
Single room: 110.00 Euro
Double room: 140.00 Euro
Via Cappellini, 18
I-20124 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 66981221
Fax: +39 02 6701804

Hotel Serena (**)
Single room: 72.60 Euro
Double room: 103.56 Euro
Via Boscovich, 59
I-20124 Milano
Ph.: +39 02 29404483
Fax: +39 02 29404958
Location: near Line 1 stop "LIMA" of the underground.

Hotel Trieste (**)
Double room: 82.63 Euro
Single room: 58.61 Euro
Via Marco Polo, 13
I-20124 - Milano
Ph.: +39 02 6554405
Fax: +39 02 6598874
Location: near line 1 stop "REPUBBLICA" of the underground.