We have reached the maximum number of participants by Feb 3rd 2003. This page is left here for historical reasons. Please do not send any new registration enquiry

How to register

Registration to the course will close either on April 15th 2003 (deadline) or when the maximum number of 30 participants will be reached.

For the time being you can send a pre-registration to the course by sending an e-mail to stefano.iacus@unimi.it specifying in the subject MicroArray Register. Be sure to do this from a valid e-mail address.

Please, note also that your registration will be not completed until you have payed the fees. When you have paid the fees (see below) please send us a copy of the receipt via Fax at:+39 02 50321505 specifying "to the attention of Stefano M. Iacus". Please note: we have changed the fax number!

How to pay the fees